What is Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program?

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program was created to help relieve the day to day pressures for breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy by helping them to manage family and home commitments during this stressful period.

As most of you know, getting from here to there on the East End can be very difficult. We offer Transportation to help any woman on the East End who has breast cancer - whether it is to go to the doctors, have chemo, go to radiation therapy and even for women who do not have breast cancer but need some assistance in getting to the hospital to have a mammogram.

Our Lend a Helping Hand Program pays for everything from eyeglasses to baby sitters to house cleaning to doctor's bills. Anything that will help relieve the day to day pressures for breast cancer patients and their families.

Thank to Ellen's Run, Ellen's Well has been created. The mission of Ellen's Well is to provide psychosocial support to breast cancer survivors and their families. Through the use of psychosocial Support Groups and trained professionals, it is the goal of Ellen's Well to enable breast cancer survivors to live as fully and completely as possible after the trauma and emotional upheaval caused by a diagnosis of breast cancer. Ellen's Well also sponsors breast health lectures and complimentary medicine workshops. Ellen's Well recognizes that your body, mind, and spirit all need attention.

The Coalition also sponsors TLC which offers a variety of services just for the patient. This includes a collaboration of local restaurants providing Meals to women recovering from breast cancer surgery. This Be Kind To Yourself Program also includes reflexology during treatment, lymphadema sleeves and an hour massage to celebrate the end of your treatment!

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program provides daily warmth, compassion and support needed by the women in our community and their families at a crucial stage in their breast cancer treatment.

How do I Qualify?

  1. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are undergoing chemo or radiation therapy and have a doctors confirmation.
  2. If you live on the South or North Forks of Long Island or Shelter Island.
  3. If you've signed a confidentiality, consent and waiver release form.
How do I begin?

If you're interested in participating in all or part of the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program, an appointment will be set up and volunteers from the Coalition will meet with you.

This program has been made possible in part by grants from the Ellen P. Hermanson Foundation and the Greater NYC Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Inc.

A Few Words From Our Neighbors...

"I was a little skeptical and full of fear. But when I met Edyle, who is a trained surgical oncology social worker I knew God had placed Edyle in my life for a reason...
I met a couple recently whose wife was diagnosed with inflammatory Breast Cancer 3-years ago. I spoke of Ellens Well and how it has helped me but how there is a need for families to get help. This gentleman started to cry.
He was still holding onto fear and I knew that something must be done to help other families. So my wish would be to start some kind of program for families and friends so they may share their stories and help one another. This is a family disease. Let's help the families...
I have gained such incredible strength from the women in the group and especially from Edyle. I am learning an incredible gift from the cancer. I try not to sweat the small stuff and I also try to live each day to its fullest. Don't get me wrong, when I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer, it was the last thing I thought of as a gift. But as I am going through this journey, I thank the Good Lord for all the strong women I have met and about to meet and proud to call them all my friends."

I want to confirm receipt of the check you sent for transportation help. I also want to express my most sincere thanks for all the help I recieved and reiterate that I consider myself a very fortunate person to have found institutions with people such as you that dedicate each day to serving others.
In the name of my son, My Colombian Family and my own, God will repay you.

As translated from:

Me permito confirmarle el receito del cheque del auxilio de transporte enviado por Ustedes. Asi mismo quiero expresarles mis már sincero agradecinientor por todar lar ayuas recifidar y reiterarles que me considero una persona muy afortuna de al eucoutrar iustitucioneer con personar como Usted que dedicar cada dáa a servir a lor demár.
En nombre de mi hijo, mi familia Colombiana y el mis propio reciba un Dios Le Pague.


"I would like to thank you for your very generous gift.
It made all the difference that the only stipulation was that it be used for something that would bring joy to the recipient. I can't tell you how much fun I had for two weeks, visualizing all the possibilities. Doing them wasn't as important as knowing I had the means to do any one of them. In the end, I paid my bills, which for me meant peace of mind and great joy.
Thank you so much for all the fun and happiness you gave me."


"I can't tell you how much the financial assistance has helped. I had a second surgery at the end of February and all is going well. I have another round of checkups in the near future and hopefully doctors visits will slow down after that. Just in time to enjoy the spring.
Thank you again."


"Once again, I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to your organization for the transportation provided to me during my radiation therapy. It was particularly important since, for some time during my treatment, my husband was confined to the hospital and I had no way of getting to Riverhead from Sag Harbor (I do not drive)...
You are providing a wonderful benefit to those of us in the "burbs" not having the availability of the many organizations existing in large cities. I'm certain that the South Form Breast Health Coalition rivals the best of them."
P.O. Box 1074, Southampton, NY 11969